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December 2015

December 15th, 2015

Treaty Update Dec 2015

HFN entered the BC Treaty Process in 1994. HFN is currently in stage four of the BC Treaty Process or the Agreement-in-Principle stage. For information on the BC Treaty Process including the six stages of the process, visit


In 2014, HFN signed an Incremental Treaty Agreement or ITA with the Province. Like other ITAs, this agreement included a commitment by the Province to transfer land to HFN in stages (a total of six parcels) before a final agreement. This land in the ITA was selected by HFN because of its forestry and other values. Ultimately, this land is to become HFN treaty settlement land when a final agreement is concluded with Canada and BC.


Since the ITA was signed, HFN Chief and Council have been exerting pressure on the Province to implement the ITA. In the summer of this year, Chief Enevoldsen met with Minister Rustad of the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation to urge him to fulfill the Province’s commitments under the ITA as soon as possible. This was followed by other meetings with provincial officials in which Chief Enevoldsen has advocated for timely implementation of the ITA.


In 2014, Wei Wei Kai First Nation (Cape Mudge) challenged the ITA in court. Wei Wei Kai claims that the Laich-Kwil-Tach Nation (Cape Mudge, Campbell River and Kwiakah Bands) holds Aboriginal title to the lands in the ITA.  HFN is party to these legal proceedings and is disputing the claims by Wei Wei Kai. However, the legal proceedings and the claims by the Laich-Kwil-Tach Nation are complicating efforts by HFN Chief and Council to implement the ITA. Despite this, HFN Chief and Council remain committed to implementing the ITA. 


HFN Chief and Council have developed a communications plan to inform HFN members about the Treaty Process, the negotiations with Canada and BC to date and the key issues that are outstanding. These issues include shared decision making, revenue sharing, additions to treaty settlement land and so on. The communications plan will combine mail outs, community meetings and meetings with families or small groups. The plan will be launched in early 2016.


 Darren Blaney / Raymond Lamont –Homalco Treaty






Aboriginal Education Update 2015

My name is Veronica Billows and I am the Aboriginal Support Worker for Homalco First Nation and School District #72 assigned to Georgia Park Elementary and Timberline Secondary schools.  I currently have approximately 110 Students with Aboriginal Ancestry – 45 students at Georgia Park, 105 students at Timberline and within those students there are 30 Homalco students who live on reserve. 

Aboriginal Support Workers play an integral role in the education of Aboriginal students, we work directly with students and parents and caregivers.   We support students in a variety of ways. For example assisting students in accessing appropriate professional services if necessary, tracking attendance and reviewing report cards to ensure student success, acting as a liaison between the school and home, helping to arrange cultural activities, field trips, and by supporting nutrition programs. 

Each year we bridge the gap between the local schools and aboriginal communities by hosting a variety of events throughout the school year such as a “Meet and Greet”, which involves parents/caregivers and school district staff at surrounding schools – this gives the parents/guardians the opportunity to meet staff (vise, versa) and get updates on their child’s progress at school. 

In addition Homalco’s Culture is being brought into the schools through Coast Salish Language Class taught by a Homalco Elder, having Homalco’s Culture Group preform for our schools for Aboriginal Days and/or opening for an assembly, bringing Homalco carvers into the classrooms, displaying their carvings and telling Homalco’s traditional stories through their artwork.

I look forward to another successful year with the students. 





Drug and Alcohol Support Program


Homalco’s Health Center (D and A) program provides continuous support for those with addictions or who are recovering. Whether it is an Intervention or Prevention session/Planning, Marilyn Harry provides an array of different support programs and activities to Homalco members on a daily basis. Here are some of the activities that are presently provided…

  • AA meetings every Monday evening from 7-8 pm –rides provided to and from Health Center.
  • Alano club meetings Mondays and Wednesdays –Rides provided most days.
  • Community Potluck/game night – once every month.
  • Lunch and Learn –educational session and discussions afterwards-provided once a month.

Keep in mind that Marilyn also provides Development plans for Sobriety which can include counselling and direction to Laichwiltach support groups and AA meetings. These are only a few examples of the many services provided here for Homalco, if you are in need of supports please call the Health Center and book an appointment with Marilyn.




Homalco Health Center Heath Rep 2015


Last December Homalco Health Center welcomed Glen Pallen as our new Community Health REPRESENTATIVE.

Though it was an adjustment for all, Glen has settled in and is honoured to be back working at Homalco and is excited to do all he can for his clients.

Glen looks after our Band members with patient travel funding, booking appointments and when necessary he is the go to person for emergency situation response. Glen also devotes much time driving members to and from important medical appointments and special events.

One very important role for Glen is to support our people by visiting them when under medical attention in or out of the hospital.

He has devoted some of his off time to coach our Homalco youth, providing them with indoor soccer matches every Tuesday hosted nearby at the Campbell River Community hall.

Many of the youth are exceling in their skill levels and having a great time when learning from Glen, the Youth are always excited to take part in what has become a very successful event. 

We hope that it can continue for many years to come!




Elders Program Update 2015

Stephanie Landa is our Elder Support Worker here at Homalco. Stephanie has been working with our Elders for the last 8 months now and she provides Elder support when needed including transport to appointments, home visits, meal deliveries and fundraising to name just a few. Luncheons and various activities are always planned and usually take place nearby at the Cultural Center or portable.


Stephanie enjoys her time with our Elders and plans on creating many more group activities including shopping trips, workshops, crafting for all of our elders to take part in.

Many of our Elders have taken part in this group and we hope that the enthusiasm continues.




Youth Group Program


Leslie Louie has been keeping our youth busy in their spare time by providing them with various activities to do, some of those include after school groups, family swimming, movies, ice skating and healthy cooking and eating classes.

Leslie recently received funding to purchase some new equipment for the youth, she hopes to provide the youth with badminton, playground balls, art-ball, hop-along balls and catch cups, and she hopes to add even more items for all the kids enjoy.

Although there has been youth attending these functions Leslie wishes there were more of our Youth attending on a regular basis, it is a good way    for our kids to get out of the house, socialize and most importantly-have fun!

 Please do your part and encourage your Children to take part in local Youth activities.




Homalco Communication Support Worker -Update 2015


Greetings all Homalco people,

I would like to personally thank all Homalco members who took the time to reply online and or over the telephone when I had asked to provide contact information. It is part of our Communication strategy to keep in touch with all of you and we are doing our best to keep in touch with Homalco people on a regular basis whether you are in the local community or out of town.

Local and out of town membership meetings have already taken place in March of this year in Vancouver, Powell River and Campbell River and will continue to do so when important information is at hand.

We recently launched our new website - and are still constantly working on and updating the information provided on that site, in the future it will be a hub for Homalco members looking for up to date news and info. Our “Homalco Indian Band” Facebook page has really taken off this last year or so and we now have over 530 likes which is great considering we have 475 Homalco registered band members. The page has remained informative and with a positive energy that makes it a pleasure to visit or view.

If I can help anyone in updating their Personal contact info please do hesitate to call me at the Band office or simply send me an email,  It is of great importance that we know we you are in the world near or far. Please keep in mind your personal information is always protected and kept confidential and only used to benefit you.


Please use the following methods to contact me for any Communication concerns or questions.

All the best in the New Year –Todd Peacey



Homalco Band office- 1-800-288-0806   toll free

Email-todd [dot] peacey [at] homalco [dot] com

Facebook “Homalco Indian Band”

Website -





Homalco IRA Update-Indian Registry Administrator


Hello everyone,

As some of you may already know, I have been appointed Homalco Indian Registry Administrator here at the Homalco office, which means I take care of anything to do with being a register Homalco or Non Homalco member.

Here are a few things I can assist with:

  • Status Cards –Regular CIS and SCIS
  • Marriage title
  • Birth Event/ registering a new child.
  • Death events/ reporting data to Aboriginal Affairs.


If you are a Homalco member and are in need of my help please call the Band office. I work every day but I take appointments for Status card issuing and others.

Make note that Regular Status cards (CIS) are usually available but are limited and I have been encouraging all Band members to take the time and mail off their application for a new SCIS (Secure Certificate Indian Status) card which is free and takes only a few steps to apply.

All the best in the New Year,

Todd Peacey Homalco IRA/ Communication Support

Here is an example (below) of a NEW SCIS status card which anyone can apply for.


You can get all the information online –please use the link below.


Call Homalco Band office- 1-800 288-0806







Cultural Group update/Social Development

ʔajɛčxʷʊt ʔoʔop qaymɩxʷ

(Hello Church House People)



Social Development

There have been big changes in Social Development!

We had $87,000.00 clawed back from INAC due to lack of reports in fiscal year 2013/2014. They are looking to claw back $287,000.00 for the 2014/2015 fiscal year also due to lack of reports.

When I came into this position in July 2015 we were 3 years behind in reports (Social Assistance, National Child Benefit and Family Violence). I was able to bring our reports up to date although the amount that will be taken back from INAC is yet to be determined as we wait for the reports to be accepted.

I will send out a newsletter once this is done to report how much was clawed back and why.

Social Development has to follow a policies and procedures manual given to us from INAC to continue to receive funding and those are now being enforced. This policy can be googled if you would like to read it yourself and you can find it at

Please note that the funding received by INAC for all programs within this department are only allotted for people living on reserve. This was determined by INAC and Homalco Leadership (past and present) have no control over this. We just abide by the policies to ensure that we are able to assist as many of our members as we can.

These policies ensure that every person applying for and receiving social assistance benefits in our community are treated fairly. I am open to explaining anything that you may not understand or if you want more in depth explanations.


Culture Sharing:

Culture remains a very important part of my life and I still practice my ancestral teachings on a daily basis. Sharing our culture has always been important to me and I am constantly looking for new ways to do this.

We have drumming practices that are open to everyone on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-4:00. Although we have been discussing switching the Thursday practice to a dinner time and making it a potluck. Hopefully we can start this in the New Year.

I have continued work that I started as the youth worker within the school district. I go to Southgate Middle School and Georgia Park Elementary School to teach language, legends and drumming.

The Nation selected Adeline Billows to be blanketed in a school ceremony last year and this coming year Maggie Paul will be blanketed at Penfield elementary school. This is to recognize them for their contributions to keeping the culture alive. Our Nation is so blessed to have you both to guide us.

Our drumming group also was able to perform at 2 ceremonies where Councillor Darren Blaney donated carvings to Southgate Middle School and Georgia Park Elementary School. He was able to share his carving, the stories behind them and a bit of our history. Emote Darren! J

Chief Maryann Enevoldsen and Councillor Darren Blaney have accompanied me to Vancouver 4 times over the past year to hold drumming sessions with members there. We wanted to give members in the city opportunity to learn our songs and we look forward to bringing a dancer or two to our next drumming session there. It has been scheduled for January 16 2016.

The amount of participants there is increasing every time we go and it’s always a pleasure to get to know our members. Especially the children! Knowing that they will grow up knowing our culture makes me very proud of the work that we do.

Our Nation has been speaking with Chief James Delorme from Klahoose as well as Chief Clint Williams from Sliammon and we plan to begin having drumming session with our 3 Nations combined. Our first joint drumming session will be held in Klahoose early in 2016. We look forward to meeting our jeh-jeh’s from our sibling Nations and singing together.

Reviving our culture has been my dream and without a strong supportive team it would not be possible. Much gratitude to Chief Maryann Enevoldsen, Councillor Darren Blaney, Councillor Curtis Blaney, Councillor Alison Trenholm, Shawn O’Conner, Erik Blaney, Drew Blaney, Rebecca Blaney, Corena Wilson, Gerald Joseph, Naut’sa Mawt Tribal Council and Coast Opportunity Funds for your endless contributions to reviving our culture.

I would now like to thank everyone for taking the time to read my update and encourage you to call me at the office if you have any questions or concerns. 250-923-4979.


Dorothy Andrew

Councillor Homalco Nation

Band Social Development Worker






Message from the Chief December 2015                                            

MaryAnn Enevoldsen



Greetings Homalco People;

As you may imagine this has been an extremely busy year for myself and Council. Gathering information about our Nations Treaty, Health, Education, Funding Sources, Economic Development, Corporate and Financial Structures and overall day to day operations was a difficult task, as there was no transition from the previous council to the current council and no Band Administrator to assist us with general information, I had to work twice as hard to ensure services were being provided, policies and procedures were being followed.

A large legal and consultant team consisting of three law firms and a dozen consultants withheld all of Homalco’s information until payment was made bringing our accounts up to date. It was unfortunate that our Nation was left in a position where we are paying for our own information. In addition, Homalco also had outstanding school invoices this left our Nation in a deficit of $253,000.00 for Legal Costs and Consultant Fees and unpaid School Invoices.

I have worked hard to ensure budgets are being followed and Policies and Procedures are guiding well informed decisions. Although some restructuring was necessary I am confident that I have a strong team in place to deliver services to all our members. As a direct result of the restructuring we have had two pervious employees bring law suits against the Nation; Council intends on developing Policies to ensure that individuals who have taken legal action against our Nation cannot be re-hired. 

I have also reduced the number of law firms from three to one and reduced the number of consultants from twelve to four. This has greatly reduced the amount Homalco was spending on Consultant Fees and Legal Costs. Council and I have also been accountable and not spending outside our means. Workshops/Training/Board Meetings etc. are only attended when costs are reimbursed. I will continue to work hard to get our Nation out of the large deficit this council has inherited.






Community Improvement

Along with a number of community based projects I have focused on improving the internet service in our community. We only had minimal services and access comparable to “dial up” connection at the best of times. This made it very difficult, really next to impossible to have students access the internet for homework, as well as online training resources were not an option for our community members. Our current technician has more than tripled our bandwidth greatly improving internet access along with securing Homalco with $22,000.00 in infrastructure updates to our communication cable and fiber optics, at no cost to our Nation.


Maintenance of the band office was also long overdue, band members were hired to paint the band office, do repairs and clean up areas at both the band office and health buildings


I have also initiated the process of Land Use Planning/Management. We have started by having all of our reserves surveyed so we can take the next steps of managing our land and resources on our reserve lands rather than having the Indian Act dictate how we can use our lands. This is a good example for the Federal and Provincial Governments that we are ready and capable of managing our lands. I look forward to updating you on this process as it develops.


Comprehensive Community Planning (CPP) has also begun. We have had workshops with staff and Council to identify areas of priority. We are planning to meet with members to ensure all concerns and priorities set forth by the community are being addressed in this important planning.



Homalco is currently in the process of completing our annual audit. Council is committed to sharing this information with you our members upon completion. Over the months ahead council plans on meeting with members and making this information accessible to all of our members; the audit will also be posted on our website and complete audit packages will be sent out to all of membership.



Our Treaty Negotiations are currently on hold due to the inability of the Province to complete the transfer of our (ITA) Incremental Treaty Agreement. I have been meeting with the Chiefs of Cape Mudge, Campbell River and Kwiakah Nations once a month since January to try to resolve our overlap issues. Council has met with members in the Campbell River, Powell River and Vancouver areas to discuss these difficult challenges. I am committed to finding solutions that will benefit all of our communities, however, if other Nations will not acknowledge Homalco’s history and use of our Traditional Lands Homalco will have to look at other options to have a greater presence throughout our Lands. A detailed treaty update will be provided.


Economic Development

Our Economic Development Corporation will also be providing audit information to members. I want to help our members understand what goals and visions we are bringing to our community and how it supports everyone in our Nation.


Currently Homalco Forestry Limited Partnership (HFLP) continues to pay down debt for purchase of the logging company and logging equipment. I have focused on building strong partnerships with Interfor and TimberWest. This past year I have been building my own capacity in reference to forestry, I have not taken a wage for this work as of yet; my predecessor was taking a wage of $12,500.00 per month for forestry work. I intend on taking a wage for my time managing the forest company, however 100% of my wage will be given directly to our Nation.

I am always looking for ways to build capacity within our own members. Early next year we will be holding an open house/job fair to let members know what jobs currently exist and what type of training/education and experience are required to fill these positions. I hope the open house is well attended and I encourage members to take advantage of this opportunity and plan for a job in the forest industry.


Homalco Wildlife Tours (HWT) continues to build on our success and improve the quality of tours being provided. This season we introduced summer/spring cultural tours to the regular grizzly bear season that operates from August 15 thru October 20th.

Twenty one of our members attended a three week cultural camp at Orford Bay. Members participated in learning to speak our Language, learning our Traditional Drumming and Dancing while proudly wearing our Coast Salish Regalia. Members also participated in Canoe Pulling, Cedar Bark Weaving and Traditional Teachings such as our Creation Story, Cultural Landmarks and the history of our territory. I am extremely proud of all those who took part in this Cultural Training and reclaiming of our culture! Special acknowledgements Janet Wilson a natural born Traditional Dancer; you now hold the responsibility of ensuring this tradition in never lost again! Cheyanne Hackett, your drumming and commitment you have to reclaiming your culture is inspiring.  Jared Joseph, Michael Andrew and Kelsie Robinson who knew you all have longhouse voices!! The three of you now speak the language and drum with such pride you all hold a responsibility to pass these traditional teaching on. I look forward to next season and will work hard to ensure our traditional teachings are never lost again.


I have also been working very hard on an assessment of the resources in the traditional territory and identify areas of economic development that our Nation can develop.


Updates and Communication

WE HAVE A WEBSITE!!!! “” This will make it easier for all members to access information. I am committed to meeting with members to discuss a variety of topics such as Treaty Information Sessions, Comprehensive Community Planning and Constitution Development. The website will also include Community Events, Elder and Youth Activities as well as general staff events.  Communication will be the key to our success and ability to move forward together. Please keep us updated with your current email, telephone number and mailing address; contact information can be sent to Todd Peacey, Homalco Communications; todd [dot] peacey [at] homalco [dot] com.


Look for upcoming newsletters, updates and meeting dates for individual communities. 



There are currently many issues with our housing department, non-payment of rent and bad management have put this department in a deficit of $600,000.00.  When rents are not being paid the Nation is responsibility to make those payments, including insurance and all maintenance. This leaves the Nation’s housing department in a never ending cycle of deficits and the inability for us to accommodate any requests for maintenance, home improvements or additions. Council intends to meet with all tenants who are not currently paying rent in the New Year. We intend to set up payment plans with members to address current rental arrears and ensure rents are beginning to be paid on a regular basis.


Other serious issues include members damaging homes or using them as party houses with constant loud music, violence and substance abuse.

Council and I are committed to addressing all of our housing issues; Council has begun to meet with members that have been identified as a ‘disruptive home.”  We have insisted that members would have to address their addiction issues and meet with our Drug and Alcohol Councillors. We were very clear about expectations in reference to loud music/violence and substance abuse will no longer be tolerated.


Elders Involvement

I have met with the Elders to discuss the social issues in the community. Bringing back our traditional teachings and looking to our Elders to help find solutions makes us accountable to one another again. Right now we are only accountable to the Ministry (MCFD) and the RCMP. I am so encouraged and proud of our Elders, as they are in full support of the direction I have set forth to reclaim our community!! The current status quo will no longer be accepted by Council or the Elders!! We will take this community back and it will be a safe, productive community where are cultural and language are thriving!!


Vera Peacey is currently organizing our next meeting with Council and the Elders. We intend on having the RCMP come and speak to us about what we our options are for a healthier community. We will also be organizing a, “Restorative Justice” workshop for Council, Staff and Elders in the New Year. I am feeling very optimistic about the change that will take place in the community in the upcoming months.


Chief and Council would like to express our gratitude to Elder Mavis Coupal and family for their generous donation of an industrial work truck in loving memory of her late husband, “Robert Coupal” not only will this truck greatly help us in the community it also enables us to deliver food fish to our members. Emote!


Language Dictionary

Homalco has been working with our neighboring Nations Sliammon and Klahoose to develop an all-encompassing dictionary. Our Nations have been working to ensure our language will not be lost. All three communities have identified fluent speakers and have participated in ongoing workshops. I look forward to the development of this dictionary and will provide you with more updates as this project develops.


Upcoming Community Events

Our community Christmas Party will take place on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at our Cultural Centre. All members are welcome to attend, however we are not able to accommodate those members coming from outside of the Campbell River area, so if you plan on attending know costs will not be reimbursed.


Also please note that I am unable to give a distribution at this time, however, I am in still working on giving out a distribution early in the New Year.


This past year has been full of many rewards and challenges as Chief. I have taken great pride in representing our Nation. I am committed to working hard and rebuilding our Nation for all our members.  All Homalco people living at home or far away from home are family… I look forward to the upcoming year and wish you and yours good health and much prosperity in the New Year.


Take care and let’s keep in touch!



MaryAnn Enevoldsen

Chief Councillor, Homalco First Nation

m [dot] enevoldsen [at] homalco [dot] com