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Homalco CCP Youth Group Bio's

Mon, 2016-07-25

Homalco CCP Team Members (Youth Bio)



Justice Likakur   

Hi my name is JusticeLikakur, Iam 15 yrs of age and iam part of the Homalco First Nation Comprehensice Community Plan (CCP) until the end of August.

Two other fellow youth group workers and I will be doing interviews with the Homalco Nation members throught the next month to hear and plans that they may havefor our Community.It is a great opportunity for the community members to have their voices heard also so we can see a positive -healthy change for future generations to come.

Iam looking forward to hearing what all of you may want for our Community!







 Evanna Wilson




Hello everyone my name is Evanna, I am 15 yrs. old. I am part of the Homalco CCP , I would love to see our community more developed and healthy..not just for my generation but for future generations.

The CCP gives everyone a chance to their voices out there and to help with any changes that may be made within our community.

I am looking forward to hear from everyone! Your voice and opinion is of great importance to us,I believe we can all help to make our community a stronger and healthier place to live.

Looking forward to hearing and meeting you all!








Jamiee Likakur

My name is Jaimee Likakur, I am 18 yrs old. Iam a part of the Homalco Nation CCP planning team. I am looking forward to doing interviews with community members near and far!

I think it will be good to hear everyone’s ideas and let them tell the story of what they would like to see their community look like and or be.

I encourage all community to speak their minds it will help all of us understand what we need to work on and which direction to follow.

Hope to see you all soon!